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The Pink Ribbon Set


MaskerAide Sheet Mask

Kick back and relax with an at-home spa experience! Each mask is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated with a visible glow!

La Creme Blooming Bath Oil

Blooming Bath Oil is a unique bath oil that dissolves in water for a luxurious bath time experience. Now you can enjoy a soothing and relaxing bath by infusing in nourishing and moisturizing plant oils and soothing and calming essential oils.

L'HERBORISTE N°108 - Organic Verbena Orange Mint Tea

A recipe combining herbs and fruits known for their anti-stress benefits.

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MaskerAide Sheet Mask


Detoxifying Sheet Mask, Firming Sheet Mask, Nourishing Sheet Mask

La Creme Blooming Bath Oil


Happiness, Romance, Serenity