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Clear Up Acne Skin Kit


A must have skin kit for acne-prone skin. This is 3 step process skin kit.

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Clear Up Cleansing Gel

Epidermal cleanser formulated without aggressive surfactants (soap, sulfates), fat or synthetic perfume, using very gentle foaming agents. Presented in the form of a fresh foaming gel, it was specifically created for acne skin.

  • deeply cleanses the skin while respecting its integrity
  • helps clear acne pimples
  • helps skin to heal
  • and gives it an intense sensation of purity and freshness

Clear Up Control Solution – Anti-Blemishes

A “must” product for acne skin. A light, fluid gel formulated without parabens, perfume or synthetic colorants and created specifically for the treatment of acne. It contributes to controlling bacterial growth by reducing the number of acne pimples. Thanks to its powerful antibacterial action, it:

  • fights the formation of comedones and acne pimples
  • limits the appearance of new blemishes
  • controls inflammation and redness
  • helps skin to heal
  • clarifies the complexion

Clear Up Anti-Shine Moisturizer

A 24H ultra-light emulgel that answers the specific daily needs of acne skin, dehydrated or not (as a preventive measure) and comedonal skin. Its high-tech formulation combines innovative and ultra-performing ingredients to fight efficiently against imperfections and shine.

  • reduces the production of sebum and rebalances cutaneous flora
  • soothes the epidermis
  • moisturizes, softens and reduces the skin’s shiny aspect
  • leaves a perfectly mat and velvety finish
  • allows for an impeccable, long-lasting make-up

Clear Up Cleansing Gel

Morning and evening, moisten the skin and apply a small quantity of Clear Up Cleansing Gel to the forehead, the cheeks, the chin, the neck and décolleté and massage gently with fingertips, insisting on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), while avoiding the eye contour. Add a little lukewarm water and lather. Rinse thoroughly first with lukewarm water, then with cold. Dry skin gently with a facial tissue.

Clear Up Control Solution – Anti-Blemishes

Morning and-or evening: Cleanse the skin thoroughly with the Clear Up Cleansing Gel, rinse abundantly with lukewarm water, then with cold and gently dry skin with a facial tissue. Apply a small quantity of the Control Solution to the forehead, the cheeks and the chin and massage in with light effleurages. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

In the morning, it is highly recommended to follow with the use the Anti-Shine Moisturizer SPF 15 so as to protect the skin from UV rays and avoid a “rebound” effect.

The Clear Up Control Solution – Anti-Blemishes is recommended as a 6-week purifying cure.

Clear Up Anti-Shine Moisturizer

In the morning and-or at night, after a thorough cleansing of the skin with the Clear Up Cleansing Gel, apply a thin layer of the Clear Up Anti-Blemishes Control Solution on affected areas. End by using a small quantity of the Clear Up Anti-Shine Moisturizer and apply evenly to the face and the neck with light effleurages (do not massage). Wait five minutes before applying make-up.